Primary school of Chýně

About us

Dear Partners,

the long-term goal of the school’s Development Plan is to prepare pupils for life in the 21st century in not only an environment they know intimately, in which  they grow and are educated but also beyond these borders as active European citizens. Our plan is to actively involve as many teachers, school management and school pupils as possible. The aim is to engage in challenges related to international cooperation in the education sector.

Our Primary School is public body and has a long history, it was a small village school in the past, we celebrated 150 years in 2014 and as the village grew, new modern school building was constructed in 2017. We have a young team of teachers and young and visionary leadership team as well. We have strong motivation, enthusiasm and support from pupils, parents and community in our village. Our students and teachers can speak English and German, some teachers French as well. At present we have 430 students in grade 1-9, over 40 teachers and we are running a concept of Community School.

Our school is situated in a newly built building designed with two fully staffed „wings“ – the north and south.There are 18 classrooms with a capacity of 20-22 pupils, 10 technical classrooms (language, ICT, laboratory,atelier, workroom, training kitchen), a club for after school activities, and offices for support staff and leadership. The school has 2 mobile classrooms and an ICT room which are equipped with tablets and 24 desktop computers. In addition to these technical rooms, most classrooms are equipped with interactive touch-sensitive large-screen monitors. Every teacher has their own notebook and access to portable data projectors and multifunctional photocopiers in each wing. At 2017 we had started with a new innovative educational program, which has proven to be successful. We have students learning regarding our innovative educational system in blocks (cross-curricular interconnection).We are teaching Mathematics according to Hejneho method.


Are you interested in international cooperation with us? Whom to contact?
Jaroslav Novák – School Principal:

Tereza Čápová – Project coordinator:

Kristýna Junová – English and German teacher, language activities coordinator:

Our values

We are a standard primary school for all children in our local community.  Mornings consist of colleagues sharing best practices, talking about the children, substitutions, and any other concerns over a friendly cup of coffee.  The school day begins at 8.15. Our team meets every Monday to plan, solve, and discuss our goals while also sharing ideas, achievements and concerns. We want our children to learn in a way that is different and engaging.  With a common philosophy and motto, we organize and implement many events and projects throughout the year.  Monthly, we implement thematic days on a wide variety of topics which the children greatly enjoy, to our contentment. With a maximum of 20 pupils in each class, the first level is taught in blocks without traditional marking system. We are located 10 kilometers outside of Prague. We have beautiful views of the city and even the Říp Mountain, one of Czech Republic’s most notable natural landmarks. We are fearless, not afraid of challenges nor trying new things. We are truly a team as we have strong support from not only our school management but the pupils themselves in the form of a student parliament.


School Values: Truth, Love, Democracy, Responsibility, Freedom.

School motto: A school with a bright mind and an open heart.

What does „bright mind“ mean for us?

We continuously actively monitor new information and trends in our industry and analyze their cause and effect
We are receptive of feedback
We are clear in our direction
We set clear limits
We offer pupils different learning opportunities and support their own feelings of responsibility
We can express our opinion openly in a constructive manner without offending others
We are not blindly focused on pupil’s performance and learning outcomes in cognitive areas
We distinguish the essential facts from the nonsense
We encourage exploration, challenging, non-competition, and mutual assistance
We are able to say “no” and teach the children to do the same
What does „open heart“ mean for us?

We work with the whole person
We are kind – Love knows
We listen closely to what you tell us, we perceive it, we think about it and we take your words to our heart
We work together, we are a great team that is consciously creating the atmosphere of the school
There is a place for everyone and everybody feels good and safe here
We are open to everything that is present
We can handle and process the emotions of ourselves and others
We are open to new things, experimenting and exploring
We respect diversity and inclusion
We are open to feedback
We express our opinion knowing that others will listen
We consciously do not influence pupils only by words, but through our whole personality
We respect the personality and current mood of each child, we prefer individual approach

School symbol – Triquetra

The intersection of three circles is called a triquetra, a historical symbol for the three-fold understanding of reality and the world. The entanglement of the three areas of values ​​points to their equivalence and interdependence. No area can exist in itself, but is an indispensable „partner“ of the two remaining. All parts work together, one is equal to another, a perfect, constantly changing reality. Only through cooperation and mutual recognition of everyone and everything around us, a state of perfect balance can be reached.


School Vision:
1. We offer meaningful education for life in the 21st century.
2. We can offer every child appropriate incentives for his / her development.
3. We have a solid pedagogical team that uses diverse modern teaching methods and resources.
4. Pupils participate in school.
5. The school is a stimulating and visually attractive environment that encourages exploration.


Parťáci – Pupil Parliament of Chýně Primary School

The purpose of the pupil parliament is to deepen cooperation between pupils, teachers and school leadership. The aim is to involve the pupils more in the operation of the school, school events, and to take responsibility for their behavior and work. The parliament is involved in two specific areas.  The first area is projects that contribute to the good climate of the school. This includes listening and implementing the suggestions and ideas of their classmates as well as preparing activities for the children and other members of the community. The second area involves activities that support the skills and competencies relevant to the work of the pupils in the Parliament.

We are enrolled in the school network for democracy. We have a direct link to the CEDU – The Center for Democratic Learning, which educates schools in how to develop responsibility in children.

In the school year 2017/2018, the Pupil Parliament participated in a competition for the most inspiring project promoting democracy, sponsored by the CEDU.  They created a video about “Good March”, a month celebrating volunteer work in the school and community. As finalists in the competition, they participated in the ceremonial announcement of the winners in the Senate of the Czech Republic on the 28th of November.

We want to support the concept of ​​the pupil parliament in foreign primary schools. We will share examples of good practices, exchange experiences and knowledge, and, if necessary, help establish a pupil parliament. One of the objectives of the project is to strengthen and develop democracy and civic skills on a pan-European scale.